Why use BlueCounter

Ecological studies usually involve:

1. abundance, residency and distribution of species (for population and species health studies)

2. reef surveys (for biodiversity assessment)

3. study of species symbioses

4. identification and classification of characteristics (such as injury identification)

5. Underwater video-stations

Such studies usually require the identification and counting of many animals or other objects associated with them over video data.

This is extremely tedious and time-consuming and could even cause you to become more conservative with the amount and type of data you collect.

Human error while you conduct your counts over video is also immeasurable and could lead to a lack of accuracy in your studies.

BlueCounter's ecological monitors solve all these problems as it allows automated counting and identification, with a calculable percentage uncertainty for error propagation in your studies...be more ambitious with the data you collect and take your projects to another level.


Ecological monitoring through automation