What we do

BlueCounter makes tedious ecological monitoring easy. The software helps you reach your video-data processing goals faster.  Our solutions can be trained to count and identify anything, from the numbers of each species to the types of injuries on the animal.

We custom make ecological monitors for you, based on what you are counting and what counting metrics you would like to implement.

Take a look at our pre-trained ecological monitor which counts Oceanic Blacktip Sharks and Remoras if that's what you are studying or would like to catch a glimpse of what's possible with our software.

Want to make it yourself? Follow our instructions on make it yourself, however, we recommend letting us make the monitor for you to save time and get more custom features.

Current project with Coral Morphologic

Coral Morphologic founded in 2007 by marine biologist Colin Foord and musician J.D. McKay in Miami, current hold one of the world's first underwater observatories through the Coral City Camera

After the success of the initial prototypes, BlueCounter and Coral Morphologic are currently working together on developing the final ecological monitoring software for the observatory.

Find out more about our project through a write-up by Colin Foord on the BlueCounter blog.

Become part of the development  process and volunteer for BlueCounter-Coral Morphologic






Ecological monitoring through automation